Taxation services are one of our core businesses. Under the Income Tax Act, 1967 every company and individual are required to declare their income and pay income tax (if taxable) to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

Our taxation services would entail providing advisory, tax planning, routine services such as preparation of tax computation (including capital allowances), completing and submission of various forms as required, general correspondences with the IRB and arrangement of instalment payments.

In addition, we are also providing indirect taxation services such as sales tax and exemption application, imports duties and exemption applications, and applications of incentives under the Promotion of Investment Act, 1986 (e.g. Pioneer Status and Reinvestment Allowances).

The Government has approved various incentives to encourage investment in targeted sectors and activities. These are especially useful for foreign investors. In this respect, we can provide advisory services pertaining to equity policy, distribution of Malaysia equity, various types of incentives available for the manufacturing sector and application of manufacturing license and exemption.